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"The Way of the Warrior has been misunderstood. It is not a means to kill and destroy others. Those who seek to compete and better one another are making a terrible mistake. To smash, injure, or destroy is the worst thing a human being can do. The real Way of a Warrior is to prevent such slaughter - it is the Art of Peace, the power of love."
- Morihei Ueshiba

Based on the martial ways of the Samurai, Aikido is both a martial system and a philosophy. The training includes sword, staff, and other weapons, as well as empty hand techniques. Aikido was born out of its founder's desire to overcome the worst and most violent aspects of our own human nature, and to use an attacker's strength to defeat him, while at the same time protecting him from serious injury. Aikido focuses on resolving conflict and prevailing in the most peaceful way possible.

Juneau Aiki Dojo remains closed due to the Corona Virus Pandemic.

As other business and organizations resume operations we will be watching to see if when it will be safe to reopen. A resurgence of outbreaks is likely.

Medical professionals in the Aikido community caution us that great care will need to be taken in reopening dojos. The virus is spread primarily by respiratory droplets, but also by touching infected surfaces. Both respiratory exchange and contact spreading are unavoidable hazards of empty hand aikido practice. This is particularly a problem because an infected person might not show symptoms, and could transmit the virus for up to two weeks. In that period of time an infected person could attend a number of classes, and potentially expose the entire dojo membership. No screening protocols currently known could successfully detect all cases where a person might be infectious. Once a vaccine is available, or all persons who wish to train, or who are associated with those who train have been infected with the virus and have recoverd, then training in empty hand aikido may resume.

Potential new students can email us to let us know of their interest. See Contact page. We will send emails announcing our reopening whenever that may be.

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Juneau Aiki Dojo is a non-affiliated martial arts school teaching Aikido in a traditional setting. Our Aikido is primarily the style taught by Morihiro Saito in Iwama Japan, the village where the founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba, lived and taught for the last 27 years of his life. Our Aikido is strongly influenced by the teaching of Bill Sosa, a pioneerng instructor of Aikido in Dallas, Texas. We have been influenced in our expression of principles by Don Angier, an outstanding teacher of traditional Aiki-jujutsu. We have also been influenced by Mikhail Ryabko and Vladimir Vasilev, teachers of Systema, the Russian martial art.

Juneau Aiki Dojo provides a relaxed setting for serious training in a martial art that develops both the mind and body. We emphasize fundamentals. Beginners can start at any time, because we feel that all students can benefit from renewed training in the basics. We honor the traditions and forms of training handed down by our teachers.